[BOGO]Lotus Leaf Mask - Wrinkle Treatment
[BOGO]Lotus Leaf Mask - Wrinkle Treatment
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [BOGO]Lotus Leaf Mask - Wrinkle Treatment

[BOGO]Lotus Leaf Mask - Wrinkle Treatment

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Lotus Leaf Mask Wrinkle Care

Soothes, smooths, plumps, clears and lifts

This single mask contains antioxidant green tea plus a variety of herbal and floral extracts for an anti-aging hero product, plumping skin up with much needed moisture as well as nourishment so you can keep your skin looking younger for longer. Use on its own or as the second step in The Lotus' special line of three sheet masks. The three masks (each sold separately) are meant to be applied consecutively for a complete at-home spa experience that not only soothes and smooths but also plumps, clears and lifts.


The Perfect Moisture Lock! Smooth Microfiber Sheet

Natural rayon material is infused with red camellia oil so that the material itself soothes and moisturizes while clinging comfortably to skin.

Smooth Microfiber Sheet Made of Fibers Thinner Than Hair Using soft sheet, skin irritation is minimized and air permeability is provided so that your skin can breathe. It provides intensive care to your tired skin with its soft but strong absorptivity.

Dead skin cell Clearing Pad

Moistly padded dead skin cell clearing pad that helps with dead skin cell and waste removal before using the mask for enhanced whitening effect.

It clears your skin by helping with the turnover period of the skin cuticle layer.

Wrinkle care Improving skin elasticity

High-enriched nourishing keeps water&oil balance and it contains Adenosine to help wrinkle care and improve skin elasticity.

Also, Vitamin C rich citrus oils help diminish signs of aging.

Skin Concerns

  • Anti-anging
  • Dryness
  • Dullness
  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
  • Firmness
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity



1. Before using, cleanse and tone skin first with moist embossed dead skin cell clearing pad. It has the effect of increasing the absorption rate of active ingredients.

2. Then, apply the mask for 20 minutes then remove.

3. Pat in any remaining essence. We encourage you to apply The Lotus Leaf Sleeping Pack after this sheet mask. You don't need to wash it off before putting a sheet mask on after this.