Jeju Lotus Leaf Oil Serum

Jeju Lotus Leaf Oil Serum

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Jeju Lotus Leaf Oil Serum

50ml/Irreplaceable Oil Serum

Moistuer Bomb Serum



Strong Skin Brrier

Revitalizes your dull skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

Two-face style

Contains blended serum and oil
It builds a light moisturizing layer filled with nutrients to make your dry skin smooth and radiant.

Oil & Water Balance

It has effects from both moisturizing serum and oil which keeps moisture from evaporating to keep oil & water balance.


  • intensive nourishing
  • dull skin
  • protect skin




Two-face type serum
This two-face type serum has separated oil and moisture to fill your skin with moisture. It is waterier than other oil. So, it can be absorbed freshly without looking too oily.


After cleansing, spread it smoothly along your skin grain as the next step of toner. ※This product is two-face type. Please shake before use.
Tip ! Use it like an oil pack with cotton pads! Prevent your inner skin from getting fry with the 7 Oil, not 7 Toner


Expiration Date 2023-10-16