Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence Lotion

Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence Lotion

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Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence Lotion

125ml / Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract 68.0%

Dry all year-round, Stressed with dead skin cells NO tight inner skin! YES oil & water balanced care! Settle down with the Lotus Leaf Extract 68% Essence Lotion which fills the moisture deeply into the skin and strengthens your skin's protective layer!

Calming sensitive skin

Botanic oil builds a skin barrier to prevent your skin from getting dry and a protective layer to keep your skin's moisture from evaporating.


The Pure Lotus contains natural extract of Jeju White Lotus Leaf which is great for antioxidation and healthy plant ingredients for skin's better self-purification ability.

Brightening, Wrinkle care functional product

It contains Niacinamide and Adenosine, the functioning elements for skin Brightening and wrinkle-care, so that it improves skin elasticity and dull skin tone.


  • sensitive skin
  • moisturizing
  • crystal clear skin



This products has both functions of lotion and cream. *Dermal Irritation Test Completed


After cleansing in the morning and evening, spread it along the skin grain smoothly as the next step of toner

*TIP. We encourage you to re-apply it a couple of times more if your skin is supre dry.


Expiration Date 2024-04-27