[BOGO]Jeju Lotus Leaf & Camellia Mist

[BOGO]Jeju Lotus Leaf & Camellia Mist

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Jeju Lotus Leaf & Camellia Mist

80ml / Dermal irritation test completed

Moist Skin in 3 Seconds with Oil Mist! Until when will you let your skin moisture get dry? Find an oasis for your skin


Minute moisture particle of fog spraying type

Spraying minute moisture particle out never allows any irritation but prevents makeup transferring.

Moisturizing OK with natural ingredients

Jeju Lotus Leaf Extract hydrates dry skin to make it smooth and relaxed.

hydrates dry skin with natural ingredients

Camellia seed oil Soothing, Hydrating Excellent for Sensitive Skin.



  • sensitive skin
  • moisturizng
  • spotless skin




With fine mist spraying, it absorbs fast for easy, frequent application. *Dermal Irritation test completed


Spray it whenever your skin is exposed to external irritations. * Shake before use

Strongly recommended for fixing your make-up!

The Mist is especially good for fixing your makeup. One of the makeup artists I met during the NY fashion week praised this product saying that spraying it on the cushion puff before fixing makeup is a fabulous idea. If you worry about losing moisture after spraying because of evaporation, tap it with your hands or a cushion puff after spraying.