Jeju Botanical pH Balancing Cleanser

Jeju Botanical pH Balancing Cleanser

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Jeju Botanical PH Balancing Cleanser

Nonirritant and Mild, Mildly Acidic Cleanser Moist Like Serum #serum cleanser Cleansing Power, Foam, and Moisture All in One! #best cleanser ever

Approved Overseas First

USA BEST K-BEAUTY AWARDS 2021 WINNER Singapore Best Beauty Buys 2020 WINNER

A slightly acid cleanser for all skin types

It has a PH formula just like your skin so that it doesn't irritate or bother your skin while cleansing.

Nonirritant Mild Cleanser to Protect Skin Barrier

If the yolk were my face? After 45 hours of leaving egg yolk, which is similar to skin, inside the cleanser, the one in The Pure Lotus Cleanser maintained its chalaza, color, and shape, but the one in regular cleanser became deformed.

Deep Cleansing of Waste & Fine Dust

Makeup, fine dust, waste in pores Clinical test for its cleansing power completed 99.9% Makeup Cleansing Power / 98.2% Fine Dust Cleansing Power / 97% Waste in Pores Cleansing Power 


  • Dry skin
  • Morning Cleanser
  • Sensitive skin




Soft Gel & Mild Foam Two-in-One Type of Cleansing Gel + Foam Cleanser It has soft texture like hydrating gel cream and creamy lather of natural derived surfactants to make your skin less tight and cleanse your tired and contaminated skin from external environment.


morning ㅣ Lather and cleanse smoothly. evening Primary Cleansing ㅣ Apply the cleansing gel on the area of cleansing. Rinse with water in a rolling motion. Secondary Cleansing ㅣLather and cleanse smoothly.

Tip for Deep Cleansing!

Lather and cleanse smoothly, then apply the cleanser on the area of deep cleansing, and gently roll with water for 10 to 15 minutes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cindy D.

My son and I use this together to cleanse face and both our problems in skin got much better. We will soon buy skin care products too.

What a great cleanser!

I have used this cleanser for several months and could see differences before and after using it. Not only my skin troubles are gone, but also my skin pores are getting smaller. I really love this product and hope to use it for a long time :)