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23 Best Skincare Products To Battle Singapore’s Heatwave



By: Beauty Insider Journalist / August 6, 2021
Categories : Skincare

In Singapore, the sweltering heat is a common villain for us. Whether it is umbrella season or the dry season, the heat and humidity are here to stay and our skin is not loving it. The heat and sweat that comes with it cause a multitude of problems — clogged pores, acne breakouts, more fine lines and wrinkles, the list goes on. There is very little need to worry though because we’ve got you covered. Beauty Insider lets you in on the best skincare products perfect for the hot climate in Singapore to beat the heat any time!



Lotus Leaf & Aloe Calming Serum



This Lotus Leaf & Aloe Calming Serum is perfect for the tropical weather here in Singapore! It aids in calming and soothing your skin whilst brightening your complexion. Also, as this serum is infused with Lotus Lead Extract, it also serves as a powerful antioxidant that aids in neutralising free radicals that may cause signs of premature ageing.

Not only that, as we all know Aloe Vera has cooling effects, but it is also ideal as it is infused in this serum that will help with soothing and protecting your skin from too much of heat. What you’ll really love about this serum is that it is made of a wide range of natural ingredients that are grown on the island of Jeju. Also, as it is made from natural ingredients, this serum is perfect to be used on a daily basis. Additionally, this soothing serum can even be used on the most sensitive of skin!

Why we love it:

  • Calms and soothes the skin
  • Packed with antioxidant
  • Natural ingredients

Price: $49.00

Where to buy: Asian Beauty X Singapore