Pure beauty through Art Collaboration (feat.Package)

Introducing our latest collaboration with Jeju's renowned artist, Kang Myeong-Soon, who has been painting lotus flowers for over 30 years.

Inspired by the pure beauty of lotus blossoms,
our special edition packaging reflects
the vibrant essence of these exquisite flowers.

Lotus flowers symbolize vitality and purity,
illuminating their surroundings with their pristine blooms.
We sincerely care about our customers
so that they encounter a moment of vitality and comfort.

That's why at THE PURE LOTUS,
we strive to infuse our products
with the same life force and serenity that lotus flowers embody.

Through this art collaboration packaging,
we aim to convey our brand's essence of purity to our customers.
Each product is a testament to our commitment
to delivering vitality and comfort from the very first touch.

Experience Korean vegan skincare with The Pure Lotus.