Peach & Lily Best K-Beauty Awards 2018-2019

December 28, 2018


The 2018 Best of K-beauty Award Winners

by Peach & Lily


2018 was the inaugural year for our Best of K-beauty Awards, and we had so much fun curating this list. Before we dive in, here are the four criteria we used when selecting these products:

  1. Your reviews — we looked at your reviews, comments and DMs on social media, and emails to see what you were loving.
  2. Formulas and ingredient lists — we wanted products that were innovative and packed with beneficial ingredients that would have a positive effect on skin.
  3. Feedback from the greater beauty community — we listened to what estheticians, people at skincare companies, and international influencers and beauty gurus were saying.
  4. That special X-factor — we thought about that indefinable special quality that would make you purchase your second, third, tenth bottle of a product because it was just that special.

And, so, without further ado, here are our 17 award-winners!


The Pure Lotus


5. The Pure Lotus, Essence with Lotus Leaf

You may already know about Jeju Island in Korea. It’s a UNESCO heritage site, and it’s known for its culture, pristine beauty, and lush ingredients. In an attempt to keep any brand from claiming to use ingredients from Jeju Island when their products contain less than 1% of ingredients from Jeju, the government of the island certifies brands if they truly source from Jeju Island. The surprising thing? Only about eight brands have received that certification! And one of those eight is The Pure Lotus!

This Essence with Lotus Leaf is a waterless essence that is 89% lotus leaf extract, sourced directly from Jeju Island. It’s an incredible ingredient, too, with natural antibiotics and flavonoids that have anti-aging effects, as well as potent antioxidative properties that combat free radical damage. That’s not all, either — this essence is fortified with green tea (helps soothe and fight free radical damage) and sea buckthorn oil (heals and rejuvenates skin), along with other beneficial botanical extracts. It truly does justice to the beauty and power that thrives on Jeju Island.