Lotus Leaf Sleeping Pack

Lotus Leaf Sleeping Pack

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Lotus Leaf Sleeping Pack

70mL / Just Apply and Sleep! Sweet Skin Care Routine

You need to let your skin rest while sleeping if it has been tired all day long
The skin bothered by fine dust, yellow sand, and stress, Let it heal with The Lotus Flower Sleeping Pack.


Building skin protective layer

It contains shea butter so that it can change your irritated and sensitive skin into healthy skin.

Skip all the basic skincare routine

No need to remove, wash off, or apply again Finish basic skincare rourine with this one Sleeping Pack!

Rich nourishing &moisturizing

It contains Jeju Lotus Flower Leaf Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract to hydrate deeply  into your dry skin for soothing.


  • simplicity
  • skin rest
  • bright skin




White creamy texture, Matt outside Moist inside thanks to its fast absorption


After night cleansing, you can apply this sleeping pack only or apply this after the tonner essence. You can apply this pack only, and you will experience better skin condition when you wash our face next day.
*TIP. Overall, it is good for all skin types including sesntive, dry, and oily skin. Also, it is good for all year round. But if you have dry skin and if it is winter, it is better for you to blend some oil in the Sleeping Pack or use it with other serums or lotions.