Jeju Lotus Leaf Brightening Serum

Jeju Lotus Leaf Brightening Serum

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Jeju Lotus Leaf Brightening Serum

50ml/Clear skin glowing from inside

Clear Skin Switch ON! Dark complexion, Uneven skin tone, Unwanted freckles! Make your complexion clean and clear with the Radiance Brightening serum. 



Revitalize your tired skin & Glowing Skin

It contains radiance capsules to make your skin clearer and cleaner so that you can have clear skin glowing from inside.

Brightening functional serum

It contains Niacinamide to help brighten your dull skin tone.


  • dull skin
  • crystal clear
  • glow skin




Translucent white serum containing radiance capsules


After cleansing in the morning and evening,spread it along the skin grain smoothly as the next step of toner
Tip ! * Blend serum with a foundation to make your skin look firmer! * Even after makeup, tap it on a dry spot to say goodbye to dead skin cells!